After 15 years as a player and another 11 as an executive, John Elway is stepping away from the Denver Broncos and the NFL as a whole. As he leaves the Broncos, Elway has big dreams for his post-NFL future.

Elway has spent the majority of his life in the NFL. Now 62-years-old, the legendary QB decided it was the right time to step down from the Broncos. He said he plans on spending time on other ventures. One of those ventures could be a role in Hollywood, via Woody Paige of the Denver Gazette.

“I still would like to be in a cowboy movie, but I'm a bit old,” Elway said. “They aren't making many Westerns any more. Maybe I'll call Kevin Costner and get a part in ‘Yellowstone' TV series.”

When announcing his departure from the NFL, Elway mentioned that he had ‘reached the mountain tops' several times. That was certainly true as a player, as Elway won two Super Bowls in Denver. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2004.

Elway parlayed his playing success to a role in the Broncos' front office. He helped lead Denver to another title as their general manager in 2015. After three Super Bowl titles, Elway's work with the Broncos has come to a close.

But that doesn't mean John Elway wants to stay out of the spotlight. Paige noted how many around Denver called Elway, ‘The Duke of Denver.' He got the nickname from famous western actor John Wayne, he was also called, ‘The Duke.'

Elway had an illustrious career during his time in the NFL. If he actually does take a shot at Hollywood, Elway will hope his acting chops are just as prolific as his time under center was.