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Broncos’ Peyton Manning gives Drew Lock high praise, comments on his ‘swagger’

Peyton Manning, Drew Lock, Broncos

NFL legend Peyton Manning knows a few things about what it takes to be a great quarterback. So when he talks, it is a good idea to listen. According to Keith Cummings of Sports Illustrated, Manning gave his opinion on Denver Broncos’ young star quarterback Drew Lock. It was full of high praise and comments on his “swagger”.

““I think he’s got a little swagger to him,” Manning told Atwater during the live broadcast. “He’s got a little edge to him, which I think is important. It’s a tough position… to have a little swagger to you is a good thing.”

“I think Drew will benefit from competing against this Vic Fangio—style of defense every day in practice,” Manning explained.”

Manning spent the majority of his career with the Indianapolis Colts. There he put up massive numbers and won a Super Bowl. However, he finished his career with the Denver Broncos. His tenure with them included his best season in the NFL and a Super Bowl ring in his final season.

He knows what it takes to win. And apparently, he sees a lot of positives in Lock’s game.

Manning likes the “swagger” and says that Lock has “a little edge to him”. He believes that is important at quarterback because it is such a tough position.

Manning also believes that the “Vic Fangio style of defense” that Lock will face every day in practice is going to benefit him quite a bit.

A lot of people were already pretty high on Lock coming off a strong showing in his rookie season. Now Manning has given his nod of approval, so there is only more reason to be excited about what the young star quarterback can bring to the table in 2020 and beyond.