Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson was under fire earlier in the week after comments made by former NFL quarterback Eli Manning.

During Monday night’s Giants clash versus the Dallas Cowboys, Peyton and Eli Manning were doing their TV broadcast on ESPN. While talking about how much both the Giants and the Cowboys had been punting, Eli threw in a slight jab at Russell Wilson and the Broncos.

After yet another punt on Monday’s broadcast, Manning brought up the Broncos punting from the night before. He stated, “They should have paid that punter $235 million and not Russell Wilson.”

Eli Manning’s slight jab at Russell Wilson was nothing more than a funny jab. And now Russell Wilson has responded.

During a conversation with reporters on Wednesday, Wilson was asked about Manning’s comments. He responded by taking his own shot at Manning, and including Mannings recent “Chad Powers” ESPN segment.

Wilson stated, “Chad Powers? Yeah, Chad Powers um, I’m 3-0 against Chad Powers.”

Wilson is bringing up his career record against Manning with this comment. In all three of their matchups, Wilson managed to come out victorious each time.

The two going back and forth has been nothing more than laughs on both sides. But it is funny to see how the two sides have kept the conversation going.

At the moment, Wilson and the Broncos are currently 2-1, but the offense has found it nearly impossible to score points. They are yet to surpass 16 points in any contest and the punter has been used heavily. It will be interesting to see how they bounce back over the rest of the season.