Baker Mayfield has led the Cleveland Browns to what has become one of their best campaign in what feels like an eternity. At this point, the talk about the Browns taking their game to a whole nother level has gotten louder and louder, and the general belief is that Mayfield is the man that will lead them to the promised land. For his part, Cleveland wide receiver Jarvis Landry could not agree any more.

According to Landry, what impresses him the most about his quarterback is how Mayfield has been able to manage all the criticism so well:

“For me just watching him, I think he just stuck to the script,” Browns veteran Jarvis Landry said, via Mike Florio of NBC Sports. “I think he understood that regardless of what was happening, wins or losses, that it also reflects on him and how he plays. I think that for him he has been one of the hardest workers since I have gotten here. He is not content with what he has done, what he has done in the past or anything like that. That is always something that is encouraging to see from a guy who has had success and is still on the younger side of players and quarterbacks in this league. . . .

“It is encouraging to see how he just continues to come out here and work, regardless of what he does in the previous game, water under the bridge. The things that are said about him in the media or whatever it is, whether he takes it personal or not, I know he comes here to work and challenge himself, and it has paid off. Look, we are 9-3, and you could say that I do not think 20 years ago. It says a lot about that man.”

We see no lies here.

On Sunday against the Tennessee Titans, Baker Mayfield came out with one of his best performances of the season, finishing the 41-35 win with 25-of-33 completed passes to go along with four touchdowns. It was a statement win for the Browns, who are now set to face another tough test in the Baltimore Ravens in Week 14.

For Mayfield, this matchup presents itself as another opportunity to build on what has become a truly memorable campaign for him both on a personal standpoint and as the Browns' talisman.