Cleveland Browns kicker Cade York started off Thursday's preseason game strong against the Philadelphia Eagles by going 3-3 on attempts. Nevertheless, he ended the game with two straight misses, yet he is not letting that shake his confidence, reports ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio.

“Definitely disappointed for that to happen and wanted a shot to get back out there and do something from a long distance. Confidence is never gonna be an issue for me. I don't think the preseason so far is a good indication of how I've been kicking so far.”

It is obviously the right mindset for Cade York, although the Browns probably couldn't care less about his mindset. York had a decent rookie season last year and it doesn't look like his job is in jeopardy for the 2023 campaign, but the Browns will stress to him that it doesn't matter how well he kicks in practice, what matters is putting it through the uprights during the game.

The good thing is that it is still preseason and the two misses at the end of Thursday's game against the Eagles will soon be forgotten. Come the regular season, it will be a lot harder for Browns players, coaches, and fans alike to forgive York for missing late-game field goals.

Stay tuned into the rest of Browns training camp and preseason in terms of any updates on Cade York and the state of his kicking game. It bodes well for the Browns as long as he stays confident given how much of kicking is a mental challenge, although it will all be for naught if he still can't find a way to bring home three points.