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Cavs, Collin Sexton hook up Greg Newsome II with awesome Cleveland welcome gift

Collin Sexton Greg Newsom II Cavs Browns

Well, Cleveland Browns, it looks like you’re not the only Cleveland sports team that’s fawning over new rookie Greg Newsome II. The stud cornerback from Northwestern was taken by the Browns on Thursday night with the 26th overall pick in the NFL draft, and was immediately shown some midwestern hospitality by the Cleveland Cavaliers, who invited him to Friday’s contest against the Washington Wizards.

Not only did they hook him up with a private box, but upon learning that his favorite player on the team was Collin Sexton, the Cavs even hooked him up with a free jersey to boot. Why, do you ask?

Well to hear the organization say it, because he’s one of them:

If you’re wondering what you’re looking at, the picture is from the game itself, with Newsome showing off his new threads (that’s a Jim Brown jersey on his back, by the way). Newsome shared the post, featured on the Cavs’ story, sharing his gratitude with the team and city of Cleveland.

Here’s the thing about Cleveland and its sports: of all the sports cities in the country, Cleveland, along with its fans, is the lovable underdog that everyone hates to see kicked. Even the Cavaliers in the LeBron era were sort of dogged on for being woefully lacking in talent outside of LeBron himself (and then Kyrie Irving/Kevin Love during the second stint). But there’s a heart, warmth, and grit to the city of Cleveland that welcomes its stars in any sport. When they won the NBA title in 2016, the Cavs were celebrated for not just winning for their team, but for their city as well, so bereft of joy and triumph as it has been.

With any luck, the Browns are right behind, fielding a very well-balanced squad on defense and offense that’s poised to challenge the mighty Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers for the AFC North crown, and possibly even earn a Super Bowl. If Newsome develops the way that the team hopes, he might just plant his own flag firmly in city history as well.