The Cleveland Browns have jumped out to a big lead over the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, and they've scored in a variety of ways.

To represent for all of the offensive linemen in the NFL, Kendall Lamm scored a Fat Guy touchdown to give the Browns a 17-0 lead over the Titans:

When the Browns are down by the goal line, most teams are going to focus on either Nick Chubb or Kareem Hunt. It just so happens on this play that Cleveland had both Chubb and Hunt in the backfield, with Chubb operating as the fullback.

Once Baker Mayfield snapped the ball, he faked the ball to Chubb up the middle and found Lamm wide open for a touchdown. Lamm, who's in his second season with the Browns, scored the first touchdown of his career on this play.

This wasn't Lamm's first career reception, though, with one reception for seven yards with the Houston Texans in his rookie season in 2015. Given that, the big offensive lineman knew exactly what to do when the ball was headed in his direction.

The Titans responded with a Ryan Tannehill touchdown after this score, but the Browns then answered right back with Donovan Peoples-Jones and Rashard Higgins touchdowns. Mayfield has been on fire in this first half to give Cleveland a 31-7 lead.