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Bryan Danielson on whether he would compete in the UFC

Bryan Danielson, UFC

If there’s one thing the UFC loves its famous athletes crossing over into MMA. Brock Lesnar was a big name that did incredibly well. What about MMA fan Bryan Danielson though? The AEW star could flirt with the sport.

Bryan Danielson recently spoke to Ariel Helwani and explained whether he had any interest in competing in the UFC. He made sure his answer was crystal clear.

“To be fair, I’m not a very good athlete,” Danielson said with a laugh when asked why he never pursued a career in the UFC. “Honestly, it wasn’t even a thing when I got out of high school and realistically, I’m not very competitive, which is why I do so well in pro wrestling. They tell me — I hate to break it to everybody, they tell me if I’m going to win or lose — which has actually served me really well because I’m not competitive at all so when they tell me I’m gonna lose, okay, whatever. Some guy’s get upset by it. I’m not phased by it at all, I like the performance and I like the physicality of it.

“Although when I was training really, really hard, which was like 2009-ish, for a couple of years I was training a lot at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas with Neil Melanson a lot, and Neil Melanson’s a great, great coach. I had ambitions of doing a lot of grappling tournaments and stuff, but even at that point I’d had multiple concussions and that sort of thing so the idea of doing an MMA fight or even a kickboxing thing doesn’t sound super appealing to me right now.”

The UFC will have to wait for its next crossover star as the AEW man isn’t interested. Bryan Danielson can appreciate the UFC and the sport from afar.