In a league as competitive as the NFL, tempers run high. It's understandable for players to lose their composure when millions are on the line and every game matters in the seeding for the postseason where a championship is at stake. That's what happened when Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans had an altercation with New Orleans Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore that caused a one-game suspension for the Buccaneers' star wideout, despite an appeal. But former Buccaneers teammate Antonio Brown thinks there is more to blame for Evans' suspension than Lattimore's actions.

On Antonio Brown's official Twitter account, Brown was seen responding to a tweet that appeared to show that Mike Evans only blindsided Lattimore per instruction from Buccaneers senior football consultant Bruce Arians. The 34-year-old then proceeded to call out his former coach, tweeting out: “Per NFL He was Fired 👈🏿👉🏾👉🏾👈🏿💥 U see he still causing problems”.

It's unclear what Antonio Brown meant by “fired,” as Arians stepped down as coach back in March. In addition, Brown received a reply to his tweet from NFL reporter Dov Kleiman, who pointed out that the video Brown responded to was clearly spliced. As Kleiman said, “the first part between Marshon Lattimore and Arians came earlier,” while “the second part, where Evans goes back to the field from the sideline happened when Lattimore hit Fournette in the face after talking to Tom Brady. Lattimore wasn't next to Arians.”

Still, Brown's response adds another chapter to the ongoing saga between the two, starting when Brown's tenure memorably ended in abrupt fashion when Brown stormed off the field in Week 16 of last season, claiming he was injured. The drama continued on with Twitter, where Brown leaked alleged texts sent by Arians forcing Brown to suit up despite battling ankle injuries that required surgery. (Arians denied it was him who sent the text.)

For Arians' part, when asked about Brown earlier in the offseason, he was nothing but complimentary of the 2020 Super Bowl champion. Arians said that Brown played a huge part in the championship run and that Brown was a “great player… great player. Practices hard and plays as hard as anybody I’ve ever coached.”

Nonetheless, it's interesting to see Antonio Brown still harboring a grudge against Bruce Arians. People say that time heals all wounds, but perhaps not enough time has passed yet for the two to make amends.