On Sunday against the Chicago Bears, Tom Brady threw for his 600th career touchdown pass and became the first player in NFL history to do so. However, Mike Evans gave the ball away to a lucky Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan. Typically, for a historic moment like this, the player would keep the ball as a trophy for themselves.

Instead, Brady had to reach out to the fan with the ball and come up with a trade. The details of the trade have been released, and it seems as though the fan was a bit ripped off. Bleacher Report provides the trade details on their social media page on Twitter.

At first glance, it seems like a solid deal. The Bucs fan receives a different game ball, so he still has an awesome souvenir from the game. Additionally, he gets a $1,000 gift card to the team store and some extra gear from the team promised by Tom Brady. Seems like a haul until you think about how much Tom Brady’s 600th career touchdown ball is likely worth.

Imagine if Brady were to sign the ball and put it up for auction. It would easily reel in a seven-figure price tag. It would likely go for that much regardless of a signature. Just a simple picture of proof and there you have it. Sure, the fan receives some cool souvenirs, but they’re not nearly worth as much as the ball by any means. Any New England Patriots or Buccaneers die-hard would do anything for a ball like that.

Maybe he could have negotiated to become a season ticket holder plus some extra gifts included? The ball is absolutely priceless, but there are people who will be willing to spend a fortune just to own it. Tom Brady’s 600th career touchdown ball is like the Holy Grail of football and it was let go for roughly (I’m not actually doing the math so bare with me) $5,000. At the very least, the fan seems happy, and Mike Evans can feel at ease knowing Tom Brady retrieved the ball at a cheap price.