Filling the shoes of Tom Brady, who had just won a Super Bowl a couple of years back, is always going to be a hard job. But, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did not struggle to do so, unlike the New England Patriots. Jason Licht acquired Baker Mayfield and enlisted the help of Dave Canales along with Todd Bowles which got them as far as the NFL Divisional Round.

Contracts are now up. This means that Jason Licht has to act fast if he wants to build on the Buccaneers‘ success from last year. When he was asked about the desire to bring Baker Mayfield back during the NFL Combine, the general manager dropped a statement that all fans would love, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times.

“Baker meant a lot to this team, this fanbase, and this town. I think we meant a lot to him. I think it was a perfect marriage. I've said it before, but he sought us out. He gambled on us. He saw it as a good situation. Saw it better than a lot of national outlets that saw us winning two games,” the Buccaneers GM declared.

Mayfield thrives in the Buccaneers' system

Mayfield has expressed his interest in coming back for Todd Bowles. Despite no longer having Dave Canales on the Buccaneers, he still believes that they could get back to their former glory. After all, Mayfield led the Buccaneers to a four-game win streak in the middle of last year's season. This feat had last been accomplished by Tom Brady.

It's not only Bowles or Canales who knows that Mayfield would love to go back. Licht also has knowledge about this. He will do his best to make him the franchise quarterback that he was meant to be.

“So, he thought it would be good for him and it certainly was. I know he wants to be Buc. We want him to be a Buc. So, that is usually a good starting point,” Licht said.

It is rumored that conversations have started about a new contract. Hopefully, the Buccaneers make the right choice such that they can contend for years to come.