As the Tampa Bay Buccaneers prepare for the 2023 season, all eyes will be on whoever is under center. Whether it's Baker Mayfield or Kyle Trask, the Buccaneers will be focusing on one key factor as they conduct their search.

Offensive coordinator Dave Canales said that respect will play a role in determining who Tampa Bay's next quarterback is, via Regardless of Mayfield or Trask's path to the Buccaneers, Canales is looking to respect both quarterback's process.

“I think it's partly just respecting the team, respecting what's best for everyone and respecting Kyle's process,” Canales said. “He comes in as the second-round pick with high hopes. Tom Brady's been here, so he's been able to work with him. But at the same time he's worked really hard to try to have the opportunity to show what he can do.

“On the flip side, I think Baker, would he love to be named the starter? I'm sure. But Baker knows this is his road back,” Canales continued. “For him to be able to come out and win the team over in his own right, to perform and show he can the caliber of quarterback he believes he could be, I think I owe it to both of them and to the team to put the best guy out there.”

The Buccaneers' quarterback battle will be one of the most watch training camp story lines this offseason. It'll be the veteran Baker Mayfield vs. the upstart Kyle Trask. Only one can win. Canales isn't looking to play favorites and wants to give Tampa Bay the quarterback that gives them the best chance of winning.