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Can you beat these insane, mind-boggling Minecraft records?

SmallishBeans, a popular Minecraft YouTuber with over 2.33 million subscribers, published a video showcasing that he played Minecraft’s survival mode for 100 straight days. Upon watching his videos you’ll witness a hilarious narrative on how he established his home base. He admitted that another YouTuber named Luke TheNotable was his inspiration for doing this video.

Once you look at Luke TheNotable’s channel, you’ll realize that his numbers completely dwarf those from SmallishBeans. If the latter is proud to announce a 100 days worth of grinding in Survival mode, Luke would reach around 2,000 days of playing the dreaded mode. He isn’t just limited to Minecraft though as Luke would also set records in Fortnite, Among Us, and Fall Guys. The latter three however are limited to drops.

Playing survival mode is an extremely grueling and rage inducing experience even for the initiated. Dealing with those pesky creepers and zombies are already nerve wracking experience. It even gets worse once you progress as you’ll encounter overpowered enemies like dragons and other bosses. The need to eat and establish a fort likewise adds to the pressure as well.

How do these individuals last long for a plethora of days? Well you’ll have to watch the videos to find out more. Or maybe this wouldn’t help as you’ll constantly be reminded on how these individuals attain the patience to record their videos and compile all of their footages. They even had the audacity to decorate some locations in the game.

Is this even survival mode or have they made their experiences into creative mode? Better yet, do you have the patience to last that long? You might as well try it out.