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Jerry West says he kind of roots for the Celtics

Having played for the Lakers his entire professional career, and now an executive board member of the Clippers, it’s easy to think that Jerry West is only cheering for those that represent Los Angeles. However, he recently revealed that he is also rooting for another team, including the Purple and Gold’s rivals.

The Logo admitted that he likes to root for teams he competed and had a number of important games against. With the Boston Celtics being one of them, West said that he wants them to continue doing good, and doesn’t have ill wishes for any franchise in the NBA, via Gregg Cassoli of USA TODAY Sports.

“I kind of root for teams that I know a little bit about because of playing against them,” West said. “I played a lot of important games against the Celtics in my career, so you develop a feeling for them and for the traditional teams. I kind of root for them. I like to see them good. I don’t wish anyone ill will in this league.

Jerry West

“It’s not fun. It’s hard. And you see a lot of people lose their job because other people don’t think they’re doing the right things, and there’s so much good fortune that goes into building these teams, really good fortune. So I wish them well. I do.”

West played in the NBA from 1960 to 1974, and was part of a lot of hotly contested matchups against the C’s. He also won a championship in 1972, and is one of the most decorated players of all time. Among his achievements and awards is being named an All-Star 10 times, Finals MVP, 12-time All-NBA Team and five-time All-NBA Defensive Team member, just to name a few.

Despite the Lakers and Celtics being one of the oldest rivalries in the NBA, West’s comments only goes to show that he does not take things personally and wants the league to continue growing and have more success in the years to come.

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Jerry West has been part of it for the majority of his life, and now that he is a front office executive, has an even better understanding of how the business side works.