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Chargers coach Anthony Lynn makes bold statement about lack of opportunities for black coaches

Anthony Lynn, Chargers

Anthony Lynn has had success as the head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers, and he knows he isn’t the only black coach that can be successful in the NFL.

In a featured piece on Time, Lynn made a bold statement about the lack of opportunities that black coaches receive in the league.

“I played in this league for eight years, and a player knows a head coach when he sees one,” the Chargers coach said. “There were African-American coaches that could have been head coaches but just never got the opportunity.”

Out of the 32 teams in the NFL, Anthony Lynn is just one of three African-American coaches. The other two black coaches that reside in the league are Brian Flores and Mike Tomlin.

Before coaching in the NFL, Lynn played eight years with the Denver Broncos and the San Francisco 49ers. Therefore, he was around the game and knows when an assistant has what it takes to be a coach. During his career in the league, he noticed plenty of instances when black assistants weren’t given the opportunities they deserve.

In his first three years as the head coach of the Chargers, Lynn has compiled a 26-22 record, with him leading Los Angeles to the postseason in 2018. As he enters his fourth season this 2020, LA expect to compete for the AFC West title.

The league has made some alterations to the Rooney Rule this offseason in an attempt to entice teams to hire more minority coaches. While the league continues to make amendments to the rule, the Chargers’ tactician hopes to see more black coaches and executives hired moving forward.