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Chargers’ Chris Harris shares the first time he heard Peyton Manning talk ‘mess’

Chris Harris, Peyton Manning, Chargers, Broncos

Chris Harris of the Chargers knows that although NFL and Broncos legend Peyton Manning retired as one of the most decorated players in league history, he was never pegged by outsiders as an elite trash-talker. However, it appears even the five-time MVP was privy to the occasional outburst in the midst of battle.

While Los Angeles Chargers cornerback Chris Harris may be enjoying the change of scenery in the 2020 NFL season, he is not too far removed from his days competing as an AFC West rival with the Denver Broncos. Harris recalled being taken back by Manning’s trash talk during a game against the Houston Texans, per Bleacher Report:

Yea we were playing the Houston Texans one time and some dude was talking so much mess to Peyton and Peyton threw a touchdown on him and was screaming at him hard. That’s the first time I ever heard Peyton talk mess in a game.

Harris’ comments indicate that even he was surprised to see Manning getting on defenders during a game. After all, there was plenty of hype generated with his arrival and it seems not everyone on the team knew what to expect. Of course, such trash talk all comes with the territory at the end of the day.

Like Manning, Harris is now starting a new chapter to his illustrious career with a different team and is hoping to replicate the same success as part of this revamped Chargers’ secondary. The only difference is that none of his teammates are likely surprised by the amount of trash talk he brings to the field.

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