Chargers news: Keenan Allen advised Melvin Ingram not to return after hamstring injury
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Chargers WR Keenan Allen advised Melvin Ingram not to return after hamstring injury

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The Los Angeles Chargers won comfortably against the Miami Dolphins. And they did so without one of their most important defensive ends in Melvin Ingram playing on the field for much of the game.

Fans saw him get pulled out for the day after straining his hamstring. However, that’s not the entire story as the defensive end tried to get back on the field once he was cleared by the doctors to go back to the sideline.

Wide receiver Keenan Allen managed to stop the two-time Pro Bowler from asking head coach Anthony Lynn to put him back on the field.

What he said, as reported by Chargers Wire’s Gavino Borquez, is something plenty of fans can agree with.

“Take your time. We got a long (season). Still got 12 weeks left. We’re gonna need you. Chill out. Take it easy,” Allen told Ingram, per Orange County Register’s Gilbert Manzano.

Allen knew that Los Angeles couldn’t afford for Ingram to risk worsening the hamstring injury. It wasn’t worth it, especially after the team has been belittled with injuries to their players all across the board.

It was a good move for the wideout, who had an underwhelming performance of 48 yards from five catches, to remind the 30-year-old defensive end that there are still plenty of opportunities for him to impose his will on defense.

Moreover, the Dolphins didn’t get their act sorted in time. Josh Rosen put on a decent outing of 180 yards and a touchdown on 17 passes, but the team wasn’t able to do anything but crumble against the Chargers offense.

Thanks to Allen’s wise words, Ingram may be able to play against the Denver Broncos in Week 5.