Kansas City Chiefs safety Bryan Cook suffered a gruesome foot injury during Sunday's Week 13 showdown with the Green Bay Packers and had to be carted off the field.

The incident occurred early in the third quarter as Cook tried to stop AJ Dillon's rush. As the Chiefs youngster tackled the oncoming Dillon down low, his ankle twisted awkwardly after it got squeezed by his own legs and the field. The force of Dillon's hit made it worse.

Medical personnel quickly attended on Cook before a medical cart was called to take him off the field.

For what it's worth, the Chiefs didn't rule out Cook for the contest. In their latest update, the team announced that Cook suffered an ankle injury and is questionable to return.

The severity of Bryan Cook's injury has yet to be revealed, though the fact that the team didn't immediately rule him out suggests that there's a chance it isn't as worse at it looked on videos.

Sure enough, hopes are high that the 24-year-old safety didn't suffer a significant injury. He's a key part of the Chiefs' defense and has started in all 12 games he has played so far for the team. On the season–prior to Sunday's showdown–Cook has tallied 35 combined tackles and one tackle for loss. He also had an incredible highlight play in Week 9 when he return a fumble for an epic touchdown against the Miami Dolphins.

More details about Cook's injury should come after the Chiefs evaluate his status further. For now, the Kansas City faithful can only hope for the best.