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Chiefs LB Dee Ford on key offsides: ‘I’ve got to see the ball’

Dee Ford

With a 28-24 lead with 1:01 remaining in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday night, Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Charvarius Ward intercepted a pass from New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady that glanced off the fingertips of Rob Gronkowski.

It looked like the Chiefs had all but wrapped up a trip to the Super Bowl, but there was a flag on the field.

Prior to the pick, Kansas City linebacker Dee Ford lined up in the neutral zone, resulting in a five-yard penalty that gave the Patriots the ball back.

New England proceeded to score a touchdown on that drive to take a 31-28 lead, and while the Chiefs did come back down the field and tie the game, the Pats ended up winning in overtime.

Afterward, Ford didn’t seem ready to take responsibility for the penalty, merely saying that he needed to see the football, which is why he lined up the way he did:

“They said I was in the neutral zone. I’ve got to see the ball,” Ford said, according to Kevin Patra of NFL.com. “I’ve got to see the ball. Especially at that time in that game and what was at stake, I’ve got to see that ball.”

Sorry Dee, but that’s a poor excuse.

First of all, Ford was clearly in the neutral zone. It wasn’t even close. Second, how do all of the other defensive linemen and linebackers in the league manage in that situation?

I’m sure they all have to see the ball, too, but they are able to do it without being penalized.