Chiefs news: Kansas City signs RB LeSean McCoy
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Chiefs sign veteran RB LeSean McCoy

The Kansas City Chiefs got a nice boost late Saturday night, early Sunday morning. Saturday was roster cutdown day in the NFL, and as usual, there were some pretty big names that were surprising cuts.

One of those names was LeSean McCoy, as the running back was released from the Buffalo Bills. It was quickly reported that a number of teams were heavily interested in acquiring his services. The Kansas City Chiefs were among those teams and almost exactly at midnight, Adam Schefter reported they got their man.

LeSean McCoy was linked heavily to the Chiefs almost immediately. It made a lot of sense for three pretty obvious reasons.

First of all, McCoy’s career started with the Philadelphia Eagles. Andy Reid was his head coach there; Reid is now the head coach of Kansas City.

Second, the Chiefs had just traded Carlos Hyde earlier on Saturday to the Houston Texans. That left them with Damien Williams as their starer (but that was expected).

The problem with that though is that his backups would be Darrell Williams, Darwin Thompson and Tremon Smith.

That entire group (starter included) combine for less than 200 career carries. In fact, Thompson’s a rookie and Smith has more career tackles than carries.

Due to that, getting a veteran probably wasn’t a bad idea. It gives them someone to turn to should the more unproven players start to struggle.

McCoy fits the Kansas City offense pretty perfectly. He’s more of an elusive back and is a capable pass-catcher; that’s something that Patrick Mahomes can utilize well.

It’s just a one-year deal, meaning the Chiefs aren’t locked in on him being a major part of their future. At 31, McCoy will probably have to get used to short-term deals, those long contracts are probably over for him. However, he can definitely help lengthen his career with a strong showing in 2019.