The Kansas City Chiefs are coming off a stellar Super Bowl 58-winning season. Kansas City is amid a pivotal NFL free-agency period as it reloads for another run. Despite the previous year's success, Patrick Mahomes is still getting made fun of for his “dad bod” build. Mahomes responded to the re-vamped buzz on social media.

Star Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes is embracing his ‘dad bod' build 

Mahomes originally responded to social media users on X in January after a shirtless pic of him went viral.

“Yoooo why they have to do me like that!?!?!?,” Mahomes wrote alongside three laughing emojis.

“Like i got kids!!!!,” Mahomes emphatically added.

Now that the picture is resurfacing, Mahomes is defending himself. He admitted that his build is intriguing, but it helps him play his position well.

“I definitely have the dad bod a little bit. I'll also say I have a great body for a quarterback. You've got to have some padding in there to take the hits that we take,” Mahomes said, per

The star Chiefs quarterback has certainly used his physical gifts to his advantage. Although, he has not had to absorb that many hits. Mahomes has done a solid job of getting rid of the ball and avoiding sacks. He showed his superb pocket avoidance skills during the playoffs.

Mahomes took zero sacks during Kansas City's 26-7 Wild Card round win against the Miami Dolphins. He achieved the same impressive feat the following week in a 27-24 Divisional round victory over the Buffalo Bills. It was not until the Chiefs faced the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship that Mahomes was brought down. He took two sacks, but Kansas City still won 17-10.

Then, Mahomes was subjected to three sacks against the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 58. Of course, he overcame the defense, and in the end, his squad won 25-22. He still has plenty of great football ahead of him.

The greatest of all time?

Patrick Mahomes' 2024 Super Bowl victory solidified himself as one of the best NFL quarterbacks of all time. Before this, the 28-year-old had already won two championships and two league MVPs in just seven years. In addition, his on-the-field production is off the charts.

Mahomes finished the 2023-24 season with a whopping 4,183 passing yards and 12 touchdowns; however, this was not even his best year. In 2022-23, Mahomes exploded for a career-high 5,250 yards and 41 TDs. The star QB is one is of a kind, but let him the story, he is not up to the standard to be considered a GOAT.

Mahomes acknowledged that he has had one of the greatest starts a QB has had in league history, but longevity is what counts in all-time rankings.

“You have to build a consistency of a career,” Mahomes told Time. “I think I've had a great run. I think I've done a great job so far. But you can't take away from what Tom [Brady] did for so long, what Peyton Manning did, or Aaron Rodgers. There are so many guys, they were at such a high level for such a long time.”

“In order to be in that conversation, you have to do that on a year-to-year basis. You can't take it for granted what you did the year before…[The GOAT discussion] is something I'll talk about when I'm done playing.”

Patrick Mahomes is showing no signs of slowing down. If he continues to his play, he will indeed go down as one of the greatest of all time.