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VIDEO: Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes’ golf game gets hilarious assessment from Travis Kelce

Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs star duo of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce are out on the golf course trying to make the most out of the summer. And, obviously, they were also out there roasting each other’s subpar golf game.

The two were spotted spending some time on the green on Wednesday as both Mahomes and Kelce are prepping for the upcoming American Century Championships Celebrity Golf Tournament this weekend.  Of course, the two champion temmates had to bring their chemistry from the gird iron all the way to the fairway.

“Patrick Mahomes in a nutshell is just a competitor man, he figures it out,” Kelce said when asked to assess Mahomes’ golf game (via Dylan Dethier of Golf Magazine). “A lot of times you see in the fourth quarter [when] we have a crazy comeback win. He’s a great finisher but, today is just not his day,”

And yes, Kelce did just chug a full can of beer prior to his interview.

Mahomes also returned the favor and gave one heck of an assessment to his tight end’s expertise when it comes to the green.

“Travis Kelce’s golf game is a fun watch,” Mahomes responded. “You’re gonna have a couple of birdies, couple of eagles, multiple doubles. But it’s going to be a great time the entire time.”

It’s nice to see these two smiling and having a blast outside the football field. With the 2021 NFL season coming up in just a couple of months, look for these Chiefs to shake off all the rust and gear up for another exciting campaign for Kansas City.