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Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes on his secret education from Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers

Patrick Mahomes Chiefs Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has already laid his claim as the face of the NFL. But incumbent legends such as Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers aren’t exactly giving up that mantle just yet, as they’ve gone on to win the Super Bowl and NFL MVP award respectively.

But the Chiefs QB squashed any hint of animosity between the old guard and the new. Mahomes was vocal to The Ringer’s Kevin Clark about his relationship with Brady and Rodgers behind the scenes.

“I think people don’t realize all us guys talk. I talk to Aaron, I talk to Tom and they’re willing to give me advice,” the 25-year-old explained. “I’m still a young guy in this league. I’m still trying to learn how to continue to have success every single year and so being able to talk like that with the guys is definitely a good thing.”

Despite Mahomes’ early success as a 25-year-old Super Bowl winner with an MVP award in his name, he’s not letting that get in the way of trying to get even better. For the Chiefs QB, that means picking the brain of the game’s elite who came before him, even if he’s still facing them throughout the NFL season.

Mahomes broke down a few tricks he’s picked up from watching and conversing with his QB mentors. The Chiefs QB is studying and tinkering his game constantly, which means he’s bound to get even better as he integrates everything to his game.

“I think the biggest thing with Aaron is you see how he’s evolved throughout his game… He used to scramble a lot more, make all the different throws, and now he can just completely dice you up through the pocket,” said the Chiefs star. “And then when those opportunities come and he starts scrambling, he makes the throws, and he can still do all that stuff. So I really watch that.”

“Brady, same thing… The way he’s able to move within the pocket and find those lanes and still make those big-time throws downfield is something that I think I need to get better at and something that I need to continue to grow with.. That’s definitely one thing I take from him.”

Patrick Mahomes doesn’t just have the talent, but also the willingness to learn and the competitive drive to succeed. As Brady and Rodgers ride off into the sunset later on this decade, the torch is getting passed to a worthy figure.