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Former Chiefs LB Tamba Hali compares Patrick Mahomes to Brett Favre

Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs

After sitting out his rookie season, Patrick Mahomes will finally get his chance to start at quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs this season. Free-agent linebacker Tamba Hali got to see what Mahomes could do last year during practice, and he has high hopes for the young QB.

In a recent appearance on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football, the former Chiefs stalwart gushed about Mahomes’ attributes and even compared him to the great Brett Favre.

“You’re going to get a complete player,” Hali said per Herbie Teope of NFL.com. “I mean, he’s a smart player. He can throw the ball. Athletically, he’s gifted. You don’t have to coach it.”

“In practice I’d watch him just look guys off. I mean, Eric Berry, you look him off and complete the ball. He did it to Marcus Peters a lot. So, people don’t know what’s coming. I don’t want to hype him, but I compare him to Brett Favre. He runs around the field and he throws the ball and he’s just having fun.”

Hali isn’t the first person to compare Mahomes to Favre. The Chiefs quarterback has a similarly gifted arm and is also prone to the same “gunslinger” mentality that the Hall of Famer played with during his illustrious career.

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, who coached Favre with the Green Bay Packers from 1992-98, knows how to get the most out of that type of quarterback, though. Hali is confident that Mahomes will benefit greatly from working under Reid, whom he believes is “the best coach in the league” and will help Mahomes maximize his immense potential.