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Video: Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes underhand pass completely fools Ravens, scores TD on 3rd and goal

Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs, Ravens

By now, just about everyone and their mother knows that Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has a whole bag of tricks and then some. With the reigning Super Bowl MVP pulling out a few tricks early on against the Baltimore Ravens, Mahomes’ shovel pass to fullback Anthony Sherman couldn’t have come at a better time.

With Sherman coming onto the field for third and goal, Mahomes found the veteran blocker on a deleted shovel pass underneath — a play that completely fooled the entire Ravens defense.

Thanks to the short pitch and catch from Mahomes to Sherman, the Chiefs extended the team’s early lead to 13-3. The Chiefs initially scored a touchdown on the team’s first possession in Baltimore as Mahomes ran it in himself from a few yards outside the end zone.

With this game slated to be one for the ages, why not have a fullback touchdown in the second quarter?