The sports world was shaken to its core after Chris Mortensen's death was announced on Sunday. He was 72 years old and will go down as an ESPN legend. Mortensen was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in 2016.

Mortensen's ESPN colleagues and others shared their emotional tributes to the legendary NFL journalist. Chris Mortensen was widely regarded as one of the best journalists in the industry.

Adam Schefter was one of the first to share his reaction to the tragic news. Schefter and Mortensen worked closely together during their time at ESPN. They both covered NFL stories, as they each went back and forth breaking news.

“An absolutely devastating day. Mort was one of the greatest reporters in sports history, and an even better man. Sincerest condolences to his family, and all who knew and loved him. So many did. Mort was the very best. He will be forever missed and remembered.”

Mike Greenberg at ESPN also shared a touching tribute to Chris Mortensen as well. Although Greenberg covers nearly every sport, he and Mortensen had knew each other professionally for many years.

“Chris Mortensen was one of the kindest, most generous gentlemen you could ever come across, in any field. His professionalism and decency earned him universal admiration – his enthusiasm and good nature made him everyone’s friend. His mark on the business will last a long time, his impact on those of us lucky enough to know him well will last the rest of our lives. Rest in peace, Mort. We will treasure your memory forever.”

ESPN's Jeff Passan also shared his condolences. Working at the popular sports broadcast allowed the two to know each other over the years. Passan credited Mortensen for his kindness and work ethic.

“Chris Mortensen was a shining example for everyone who does this job. Kind to all. Thoughtful and principled. He knew he had the best job in the world and never took it for granted. I cherished every conversation with him and feel lucky to have called him a friend. RIP, Mort.”

There were plenty of voices sharing tributes to Chris Mortensen. He was clearly a legendary sports journalist and many in the industry respected him. Here's what Mike Tannenbaum had to say about it.

“I’m absolutely devastated to hear about the passing of Chris Mortensen. While he was a titan and a pioneer in our profession, he was also the kindest and most generous person to me. He was a mentor to some many of us at ESPN. He will be missed, but his legacy of kindness and giving will remain with us. Rest in peace my friend.”

And also Ari Meirov of the 33rd Team.

“This hurts so much. Chris Mortensen was a titan in this industry and one of the people I looked up to while growing up watching and learning the game of football. I'm gutted.”

It's a sad day for the sports world. RIP to the ESPN legend Chris Mortensen. He'll always be remembered for his work and kindness over the years.