While the L.A. Clippers’ decision to trade Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets came as a shock to many, one could only imagine what the All-Star point guard had to go through after it was made official. Although he does not need to explain to anybody why he agreed to the deal, he admitted that he reached out to some who mattered to him the most during the past six seasons he spent with the team.

The 32-year-old Wake Forest product recently had a Q&A with Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated, which gave him a chance to answer some questions that fans may have for him, following the surprising development in his career. His former teammates, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan and Jamal Crawford, were the first ones he spoke with before he left L.A., but he also revealed that he was able to speak with huge Clippers fan and actor Billy Crystal as well.

“Absolutely, I reached out to D.J. and Blake and talked to some of those guys. Jamal Crawford, some of those guys. One of the people I reached out to and talked to was [actor/Clippers fan] Billy Crystal. You have different people that come to support you night in and night out. Joe and Sharon Hernandez, I used to give them dap before every game. A guy named Steve Soboroff, who sits courtside.”

Crystal has long been an avid fan of the Clippers and has been seen watching them live even during the time they were not winning a lot of games. Paul’s gesture goes to show how much he values all their supporters, including celebrities like him.

Now with the Rockets, the former Rookie of the Year winner will have a fresh start, as well as the opportunity to play alongside James Harden, to form a very dangerous backcourt duo that could spell trouble for the rest of the competition. Should they quickly co-exist on the court, they might just be a serious contender for the title, and even win it all next year if things all go according to plan for them.