The Clemson football program's day ended in disappointment, as the Tigers were bested by Florida State in overtime by a score of 31-24 on Saturday. On the Florida State side, there was a sense that the Seminoles had finally gotten a weight lifted off of their shoulders with a win against the Tigers after seven straight losses. On the Clemson football side, there was a sense that Swinney and company let one get away. College football fans on X, formerly known as Twitter, evidently felt the same, as they had some blunt reactions to the Clemson loss. Here are some of the best.

This college football fan took great pleasure in watching Clemson and Swinney lose to Florida State, as evidenced by this reaction.

Others took it even a step further, laughing at the fact that the Tigers, who jumped out to a 17-7 lead, somehow let the game slip out of their fingers.

How did they do so? This fan has an idea.

The Tigers' play-calling, which seemed to be the reason they raced out to a lead, also seemed to be the reason why they couldn't get the win over Florida State.

In particular, fans pointed to Clemson's short-yardage decisions, as well as Swinney's clock management, as moments that led to the Tigers' downfall in this contest.

Ultimately, this left fans feeling exactly the same as this X user.

It will certainly be interesting to see what Swinney and Clemson football have to say in the postgame in the aftermath of this disappointing loss.