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Clippers’ Doc Rivers hopes that Mavs’ Seth Curry, daughter Callie’s son will have ‘Curry shot, Rivers athleticism’


It’s not weird to have family members playing in the NBA at the same time. However, it’s not every day that you see two basketball families becoming one through marriage. That’s exactly what happened when Doc Rivers’ daughter married Seth Curry. The Los Angeles Clippers coach has walked his daughter down the aisle to witness his daughter Callie get married to the Dallas Mavericks guard. Rivers even joked about having to pay an exuberant amount for the wedding.

The dad jokes didn’t stop there, however. He said to the newlywed couple in the Malibu ceremony his dearest wish. If their first child is going to be a boy, he hopes that he will be blessed by the basketball gods.

That’s not a bad wish for the soon-to-be-grandfather. He already has a son in the NBA in Austin, and it wouldn’t be bad for him to hope that a third generation of the Rivers bloodline will be able to play in the NBA.

It’s not a bad combination at all. It’s obvious that the shooting touch is evident in the Curry family. Dell Curry, the family patriarch, has built a career for himself by being one of the best sharpshooters in the NBA during the 90s. Seth is also a prolific shooter in his own right; Steph redefined the importance of the three-point shot with his incredible range.

Meanwhile, Rivers started his career as an explosive point guard who manages to push the tempo and get inside the paint He’s also the all-time leader in assists for the Hawks. Austin has built a niche for himself as a reliable three-and-D player at the point position.

For those who need a history lesson, here’s how Doc played in the 80s:

Should all the stars align, the Rivers-Curry family will have a third-generation player who has the best of both worlds.