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Clippers’ Doc Rivers reveals how Kawhi Leonard got the full Steve Ballmer experience after signing


Kawhi Leonard got the full extent of the Steve Ballmer experience very quickly into his tenure with the LA Clippers upon signing with them this summer. Head coach Doc Rivers, who admitted he nearly quit a week into the job, still recalls the first time the Clippers owner met his new star player.

“(Ballmer’s) been phenomenal to work with. He’s got more energy than anybody needs,” Rivers told Arash Markazi of The Los Angeles Times. “After Kawhi signed, we had this meeting and Ballmer walks in punching the air and making all these sounds and Kawhi, who doesn’t say much, leans over and says, ‘That man has too much energy.’”

Ballmer is a kid at heart who is just as much of a fan as some of the most rabid season ticket holders. Yet he and Leonard are polar opposites, as the star forward and recent two-time Finals MVP is of rather reserved and even-keeled demeanor.

Luckily for the Clippers, that contrast won’t be as stark given that they’re not together in the same locker room. Paul George, who will share the locker room with Leonard, has a similarly laid back approach and could mesh well with the new signing, which the Clippers hope can develop into a star duo they can keep for the long run.

Ballmer will be throwing fists up in the air and pumping them up from the stands, now that his Clippers finally have the horses to compete in the Western Conference and potentially take the throne from the Los Angeles Lakers in the coming years.