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ESPN preview article incorrectly labels Clippers as slumping

Throughout the years, ESPN has been one of the most credible sports media outlets in the world. However, they have received some criticism recently, stemming from a preview article where they incorrectly labeled the L.A. Clippers as slumping.

Despite winning seven of their last 10 outings, including 11 of 15 games, and even if they are currently on a two-game winning streak, the article indicated otherwise. A photo of it is making its rounds on the internet, and was even tweeted by Justin Russo of The Beat, where it clearly shows the mistake they published.

The Clippers are in the thick of the hunt for one of the last playoff spots in the Western Conference. They are now in seventh place, but being essentially tied with three other teams, the Denver Nuggets, Utah Jazz and San Antonio Spurs, any one of them can still make it beyond the regular season. The L.A. team is also preparing themselves for a very tough stretch after Tuesday’s matchup against the Chicago Bulls, as it will play seven teams that are all playoff-bound.

The article published by ESPN has since been corrected, but with their mistake already captured on photo, they are continuing to receive flak for it. The benefit of the doubt could be given to them though, as there might have just been a confusion with their facts, which led to the inaccurate information released. The Clippers may also see this as extra motivation to win more games, to prove further that they are not slumping at all.