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Jerry West thinks the criticisms Kevin Durant, LeBron James get for leaving are uncalled for

Jerry West, Kevin Durant, LeBron James

Jerry West, the logo and L.A. Clippers front office executive, chipped in his thoughts regarding the criticisms that Kevin Durant and LeBron James received when they decided to switch teams, calling it mind-boggling.

Per Jack McCallum of Sports Illustrated, West believes that the two superstars don’t owe an apology. Jerry West even wished that he had that type of freedom to switch teams when he was playing:

“It’s mind-boggling to me how people have gotten mad at these guys, like Kevin Durant and LeBron, for leaving,” West said last week. “The way I see it, no player owes any city an apology. Certainly not LeBron, who has done so much for Cleveland. Hell, I wish I had had some freedom to move when I was playing.”

When Kevin Durant moved from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Golden State Warriors, he was met by all sorts of hate from analysts and fans alike. Pundits tagged Durant’s move as the weakest decision by a superstar in NBA history. Now, two years later, while some haters have moved on, you can still hear some whispers here and there.

LeBron James had the same experience when he first left the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat. No one will forget his first game back in Cleveland, where tons of security were employed to hold down the crowd. But this time, when he decided to bolt for Los Angeles, the city of Cleveland was more understanding. Maybe because James brought back a ring as he promised. Or maybe they finally realized that they were able to witness greatness right before their eyes.

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