Russell Westbrook is going from the Los Angeles Laters to the Los Angeles Clippers, and Skip Bayless of FOX Sports does not believe that the signing will work out.

“The problem with Russell Westbrook is he still believes he's a SUPERSTAR,” Skip Bayless said on Twitter. “No player is more delusional about who he currently is. No players lives in his past more. Now the Clippers are saying to the Lakers, ‘Watch US make it work with Russ.' No you won't.”

Westbrook has been with the Lakers for the last two seasons, and it has not gone well. He averaged 15.9 points per game, which is the lowest since his rookie year in 2008-09, when he scored 15.3 points per game. Westbrook was eventually traded to the Utah Jazz ahead of the trade deadline, where he was bought out.

The good news for Westbrook is that he will not have to move, as he will play his home games at the same arena.

The role for Westbrook is not known, and we will have to wait to find out what Ty Lou has planned.

If he gets significant playing time, then maybe Bayless will be proven right. His premise is that Westbrook tries to do more than he is capable of doing. If Westbrook is on the court a significant amount of time and handling the ball a lot, there is the possibility for this signing to play out in a negative way.

However, if Westbrook is coming off the bench, will he have that negative impact that Bayless believes? Only time will tell.