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Patrick Beverley says that Clippers are better than LeBron James-led Lakers

patrick beverley, lebron james

The L.A. Clippers have seemingly faded into the shadows after LeBron James joined the other team in Los Angeles — the Lakers. But Patrick Beverley isn’t quite convinced. He believes that they are better than the James-led purple and gold squad.

As reported by Tomer Azarly of ClutchPoints, Beverley acknowledged the Clippers organization and their efforts every single night. Beverley said that given the makeup of his team and the great coaching staff, the 30-year-old guard firmly believes that they are the best team in Los Angeles.

“I am just fortunate to be at such a great ball club with a great coaching staff, great management, a great owner, great teammates to be able to perform for you guys every single night. We are the best team in L.A. I know Lawrence Frank didn’t give you guys exactly what you wanted to hear but I’ll tell y’all right now, we are the best team in L.A. for sure.

We are going to give our best effort every night and we are making the playoffs. The makeup of our team, the depth of our team, we are fortunate to be playing for a great city like L.A.”

Though Beverley didn’t mention James’ name or the Lakers outright, his message was still clear. After all, there are only two teams in L.A. and everyone knows that a James-led squad is a playoff contender. Everyone is aware of these facts. But Beverley doesn’t seem to care.