Clippers news: Patrick Beverley allegedly went to LeBron James after Kawhi Leonard, Paul George adds
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Patrick Beverley allegedly went to LeBron James upon learning about Kawhi Leonard, Paul George additions

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The L.A. Clippers sent shockwaves to the entire NBA when it landed reigning Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard and traded for Paul George from the Oklahoma City Thunder. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst told a story that he heard when that fateful day happened on Adrian Wojnarowski’s The Woj Pod. According to Windy, Clippers guard Patrick Beverley allegedly went to LeBron James’ private room at a restaurant and rubbed it into the Los Angeles Lakers superstar when news about the massive transactions went out. (You can hear the story at around the 27:25 mark)

There’s no confirmation whether the story is true. However, it does seem to be believable as Beverley is certainly the type of person to do those kinds of things.

The defensive point guard isn’t afraid to get into people’s faces on the basketball court, the same way he won’t pass on the opportunity to gloat about his new team to the best player in the world.

Obviously, the fact that Beverley’s and LeBron’s teams both play in Los Angeles adds a lot to this narrative. Moreover, James and the Lakers also aggressively tried to land Leonard.

For the most part of NBA history, the Lakers have often been the golden child of Los Angeles. However, over the past decade, the Clippers have been the more relatively successful squad.

Still, the Purple and Gold remains the more storied franchise with their 16 NBA championships, while the Clippers are still looking to finally stamp their mark in the NBA. When this season tips off, both L.A. teams will have a legitimate shot at the title.

The Lakers boast a superstar tandem of LeBron James and Anthony Davis, while the Clippers will be led by their two-way superstar pairing of George and Leonard.