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Sam Dekker’s hilarious issue with players posting Fortnite victories

NBA Fortnite

NBA players take on hobbies outside of basketball when they aren’t traveling or putting in work on the court on any given night during the season.

The long nights don’t end because many of them find other activities that keep them occupied throughout the night.

For many of them, that comes in the form of video gaming, and in particular the recent popular survival shooter Fortnite.

Andre Drummond, Reggie Jackson, Josh Hart, Terrence Ross, Steven Adams, and Karl-Anthony Towns are among the many who have found themselves playing and enjoying the game more than they ever expected.

In fact, recently, Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball got excited enough to wake his pregnant girlfriend at 3 a.m. to boast about his early morning victory.

Others also take the time to post their success, but Clippers forward Sam Dekker isn’t impressed. He finds all of his competitive colleagues’ boastful victory posts aren’t telling the entire story, and believes they aren’t as good at the game as they let on.

The last man standing survival matchup doesn’t necessarily mean you were the best player in the game, it could mean you just weren’t the first player to get picked off by an opponent, which has nothing to do with a personal kill count.

Some players such as Drummond admit that he isn’t as good as he’d like to be, and so he keeps his gamer tag hidden until he can hone his craft.

Others playfully only post screenshots of their No. 1 achievements smiling wily and even taking it a step further by having shoes customized with character themes, and even imitating the Fortnite player celebrations when on the basketball court.

There is little doubt whether the game has infiltrated the hearts of these players all in fun, and they love it to the point they choose to shun resting the night before a game even if it means they can show off another victory.