Deion Sanders' decision to join Colorado football was one of the most notable moves following this past season. Colorado football may not be ready to compete for a championship just yet, but their future is bright with Sanders leading the charge. Sanders recently gave an in-depth explanation in regards for his reasoning to join the Buffaloes, per The Joel Klatt Show: A CFB Pod.

“Why not? Why not,” Sanders responded when asked why he joined Colorado football.

The Buffaloes struggled this past season. Deion Sanders has already made changes and it will be interesting to see if everything pans out this year.

“I'm a need to be needed type person,” Sanders continued. “I'm sorry, I'm going to say it… you show me a need, I got you. You show me you don't need me, I got you still. I won't be around. That was a tremendous need, a tremendous want, a tremendous desire of excellence. I love that challenge, that's what wakes me up in the morning, that's what gets me going.”

Sanders has made a name for himself as a coach already in college football. Joining Colorado football will prove to be quite the challenge though. The school will receive plenty of attention despite their previous struggles in recent seasons. Turning the program around isn't going to be easy, but Deion Sanders is ready to give everything he has.

He saw that Colorado had a need and that is why he took over head coaching duties for the Buffaloes.