When Deion Sanders was the head coach at Jackson State University, he was able to bring attention the school, and the city of Jackson, Miss., have never seen before. Sanders' daughter, Deiondra, decided it was time to remind people the campus isn't as glamorous as the bright lights and cameras displayed.

After saying there are killings on the (Jackson State) campus, and that his dad didn't feel safe during his days as coach, Deiondra Sanders is walking back those comments on her Twitter page Sunday, saying she exaggerated those claims.


The apology from Deiondra Sanders comes after she described the atmosphere on the campus during an interview on The Baller Alerts Show.

“People don't know that they are killings on the (Jackson State) campus every few months,” Deiondra Sanders said. “Yeah, they don't know that. They are breaking into the locker rooms and stealing from the students. It is kind of like my dad giving back to the community, but what is the community giving back to my dad? He doesn't feel safe there.”

Deion Sanders was the coach at Jackson State for three seasons before leaving to take the job at Colorado in December. During his time there, he had a record of 27-5, and won back-to-back Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) titles in the final two years.

There's no telling why Deiondra Sanders felt compelled to share this information, but it would be logical to think many campus in America aren't without times of violence and crime. All anyone can do these days is look out for themselves and each other. The sad reality is violence can happen at any time, and any place.