Coach Deion Sanders may not have come through win a win over the Oregon Ducks, but he did deliver another classic line.

Aside from his career as a Hall of Fame cornerback and college football coach, the Colorado football coach is often most known for his hilarious quotes and sayings.

Following the Buffaloes brutal 42-6 blowout loss to No. 10 Oregon football, Colorado was on the receiving end of some hate. After starting the year 3-0, the loss caused many to call the Buffaloes overrated, overhyped, and call out Sanders and his squad for all their talk.

Sanders made it clear he is used to the critics, saying, “When I came out of the womb I was booed,” via 9News Denver.

Deion Sanders also said, “I don't have a message to detractors or haters. I don't take my time to respond or defend myself, why would I do that? I'm giving you a microphone if I do that … I don't care, I really don't. If it's been that way my whole life, you would think I'm used to it. I'm not new to this, I'm true to this.”

This “womb” line can now be added to the list of classic Sanders' sayings along with many others including, “people say there’s no ‘I’ in team. Well, there’s not. But there’s an ‘I’ in win” and “I’m married to football, baseball is my girlfriend.”

Aside from the hilarity of the comment, this approach to handling haters is smart for Deion and his squad, who have notably heard a ton of negative talk after the bandwagon fell off during the loss to the Ducks. More importantly, Deion's confidence and personality has been a huge part of his incredible career and now Colorado's 3-1 record. Even after a blip like the Oregon game, there's no reason for Sanders to detract from what's made them successful.