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Colts QB Andrew Luck spent the day hanging at the team’s facility

Andrew Luck, Colts

The biggest story of the preseason was Andrew Luck. His shock retirement left the football world in disbelief.

Meanwhile, it left the Indianapolis Colts in a situation no team wants to be in. They lost their starting quarterback with just a week to go before the regular season started.

Luckily for them, they had a very good backup in Jacoby Brissett. So far, Brissett has helped lead the team to a 3-2 start. That includes a surprising win over the Kansas City Chiefs (who were 4-0 at the time they played).

However, even at 3-2 there are a lot of questions surrounding them. Are they a serious playoff contender? Just how good could they have been if they had Luck at quarterback?

Those questions certainly quieted down a little bit recently, but they are still there.

Now those questions are bound to pick up again because Luck is back, sort of. He was spotted at the Colts’ practice facility on Thursday.

Obviously, Luck wasn’t back to play football. He’s not about to announce he’s coming back. This was just him wanting to go visit the facility and see the guys he’s been playing football with for the last few years.

Even though his career was short, Luck certainly did a lot for the franchise. He brought them hope immediately after losing Peyton Manning. He kept the team relevant and helped make them serious contenders over the years.

Therefore, Luck probably has a lifetime pass. He can probably visit whenever he pleases and the team likely enjoys having him there for advice and just to talk about old times.

If you’re a Colts fan, just remember to try to not look into this too much.