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Eric Ebron blasts Colts’ front office

Eric Ebron, Colts

Tight end Eric Ebron signed a deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers this offseason. That ended his two-year stint with the Indianapolis Colts. Those two years were vastly different. Year one (2018) saw Ebron set new career-highs in receptions (66), yards (750), and touchdowns (13). He was a star.

However, year two (2019) saw the tight end record just 31 receptions for 375 yards and three touchdowns. The receptions and yards were his lowest since his rookie season in 2014. It was truly a tale of two seasons. Then this offseason, Ebron came to terms on a contract with the Steelers – and left that part of his career behind him.

From here on out, the tight end is looking forward. With that being said, a fan on Twitter mentioned Ebron’s time with the Colts. And that prompted the tight end to respond. He was complimentary about a lot of things to do with Indianapolis. Everything that is, except the management.

So for any Colts’ fan that loved Ebron, there is still some form of hope. If the team is under new management over the next few seasons, the tight end could find his way back to the franchise.

It’s interesting to wonder what the relationship was like. Clearly, Ebron loved the city and the team. But he seems very adamant that he does not vibe right with the current management.

For now, though, that is not the focus. The focus should be on the future of the young tight end. He’s still just one season removed from the greatest campaign of his career. There is no reason to believe the best is not yet to come for Ebron.

Could he find the magic again? This time in Pittsburgh? We don’t have to wait much longer to find out what the tight end can do with Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers.