Colts news: Chris Ballard hired former Green Beret to interview prospects
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Colts GM Chris Ballard hired former Green Beret to interview draft prospects

Chris Ballard, Colts

Indianapolis Colts general manager Chris Ballard has changed the NFL a bit with the way he does, and we might see more teams start to follow his suit.

One of the first things that Ballard did after taking over the job was to hire Brian Decker, a former Green Beret who helps with the interviewing of potential draft prospects.

One of the big things that Decker is able to do according to Ballard is get past the coached up answers and find out more about the player.

“His unique interviewing techniques help us strip away the agent-speak and happy talk that surround so many players in the draft process,” Ballard writes via Pro Football Talk.

According to Ballard, Decker tries to answer five questions about each player including if the player has character issues that the team can support, and if he is a good fit on the team.

Ballard admits that when the team hired Decker they didn’t know exactly what role he would be in, but he would be an asset for the team.

“I can’t sit here and say I knew exactly what his role was going to be, but I did have a strong conviction that Decker would really help us get to the core of a player’s football character, which in turn would help us in our hit rate in the draft,” Ballard writes. “His role has really grown in two years and has become a valuable resource to our coaches, scouts, and players.”

This hire seems to be paying dividends and with the NFL being a copycat league, don’t be surprised if more Green Berets are hired.