Colts news: Philip Rivers explains why he never considered opting out
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Philip Rivers explains why he never considered opting out of 2020 NFL season

Philip Rivers, Colts

Players throughout the league continue to weigh their options with the risks involved in playing the 2020 NFL season amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. For Indianapolis Colts quarterback Philip Rivers, the decision was made once he decided to keep his career going.

Rivers’ illustrious stint with the Los Angeles Chargers came to an end with his departure this offseason and it was not long before he signed a one-year, $25 million deal to become the Colts’ starter.

According to Stephen Holder of The Athletic, the veteran never considered opting out this year since it would have likely resulted in his permanent retirement:

“Making that decision, for me, would have probably meant I was done.”

Rivers’ comments are certainly understandable considering he has been in the final stretch of his career for the past few years now. His prospects as a 39-year-old free agent likely would not have fetched very many quality opportunities to help end his career on a high note. As a result, he made sure to maintain whatever control he has left by officially starting a new chapter in Indianapolis.

The unprecedented circumstances of the offseason were hardly ideal for players trying to get properly acquainted with their new teams. Fortunately, Rivers’ veteran experience should pay huge dividends for his transition into the new system.

Rivers is coming off a rocky 2019 campaign after throwing for 23 touchdowns and 20 interceptions albeit behind a makeshift offensive line. The improved protection in Indianapolis should help him return to his 2018 form when he registered a 32 touchdown to 12 interception ratio.