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Philip Rivers speaks out on finding ‘sweet spot’ again

At 38 years old, Philip Rivers threw 20 interceptions in 2019—or, one per every $1.25 million the Indianapolis Colts are paying him to be their starter for the 2020 season.

Rivers threw 23 touchdowns in 2019, posting 4,615 yards with a 66.0 completion percentage (88.5 QB rating). The head-scratching interceptions (and eight fumbles) plagued the Chargers, who finished 5-11 in Rivers’ final season in Southern California. It marked the third season in which Rivers hit the 20-interception mark.

Yet, the Colts and Rivers are confident that he can still excel under center without drastically changing how he’s played over the course of his lengthy career.

“I think the biggest thing for me is to be myself,” Rivers told the team’s website on Wednesday. “Find that sweet spot again, from aggressiveness to stupid, and know what kind of game it is and how the whole thing’s coming together.” Rivers said he doesn’t “see any reason why I can’t do that again.”

Rivers owned up to last season’s mistakes, but alluded to numerous plays that make him optimistic about leading the Colts to “a heck of a year,” in 2020.

“Certainly I had some throws get away from me in the past…But I don’t want that to turn me into someone that’s scared to make a play, because I don’t think you can play that way either,” he said.

Heading into his 17th season, Philip Rivers insisted that he still feels good about “throwing the ball in tight windows or throwing the ball in tight coverage and being accurate where it’s our ball or nobody.”