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Commanders owner Dan Snyder in hot water (again) for allegedly skimming off ticket revenue

Dan Snyder, Commanders, NFL, House Oversight Committee, NFL finances

According to Front Office Sports’ A.J. Perez, Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder has found himself in hot water not only with the NFL but also with the judicial system.

According to a report from Perez earlier this week, a Congressional committee was “expanding the scope of its investigation” into Dan Snyder and the Commanders’ finances. Information was brought to the attention of the House Oversight Committee that allegedly shows that the Commanders retained ticket revenue that, per league rules, should be shared with other teams in the NFL. This investigation, among others, is an extension of initial allegations of a hostile work environment within the Commanders organization.

The NFL bylaws state that all teams are required to pass along 40% of ticket sales from each home game to the league, which then disperses the funds to visiting teams. This revenue does not include any service fees or taxes obtained in the transaction of buying a ticket. NFL owners are only required to share the ticket revenue generated during their home games, leaving parking, sponsorships, and other revenue earned solely for the host franchise.

“The leak of one-sided, unconfirmed, unsupported allegations from a disgruntled ex-employee with an ax to grind is just further proof the Democrats’ investigation is a waste of Congress’ time. Nothing the Committee has heard from any credible witness points to any financial improprieties; in fact, the only credible witness in a position to know the facts the Democrats have heard from has denied any such improprieties,” said GOP Oversight Committee Spokesperson Austin Hacker, referencing the credibility of the individual who gave the information to the Democrat-led Oversight Committee.

More to come as this story develops.