The contract situation in Dallas is only heating up with the regular season almost underway. The Cowboys have been trying to negotiate the deals on the triplets of the new era in Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, and Amari Cooper.

No progress has been made on any new deals for the three big names in Big D. However, former Cowboys star receiver, Dez Bryant has some insight into the negotiation tactics of team owner Jerry Jones.

Jones is a guy that enjoys his hands-on approach as an owner and, at times, will circumvent agents to discuss contracts with the players directly. It's something that's been prevalent for years.

Jason Cole shared a story on Twitter about one such instance when Jones tried the move on Bryant while he was still with the Cowboys. However, the Oklahoma State product didn't bite and saw right through Jones' sly tactic.

Per Cole, the former receiver was taken to a luxury suite at the team's stadium by the billionaire owner. And the first thing he asks him is, “Mr. Jones, what would happen if you tried to cover me on that field,” as he gestured to the playing surface.

“Well, Dez, you'd kill me,” Jones responded.

“Well, Mr. Jones, then why would I want to negotiate a contract against you?” Bryant said.

Bryant confirmed the veracity of the Jones story on Twitter, saying it was “100%” factual.

The tactics of Jerry Jones haven't been brought into question before. But now the NFL Players Association is looking into the matter.