When David West retires, he will be highly sought after for a front office job
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When David West retires, he will be highly sought after for a front office job

David West and “ring chaser” has become synonymous this summer. That’s apparently not the only way to define the NBA veteran, as he is transitioning through the twilight of his career and into the next phase.

According to the best NBA insider out there, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, West will be a very sought-after commodity when his playing days are over. He has front office work in his future and is thought to be a candidate to be a general manager one day as well.

Woj on the Vertical Pod with Chris Mannix:

“Whenever David West decides to retire, he will be the most sought after front office executive in the league. Everyone in the league wants David West in their front office. He will be a GM someday if he decides that is what he wants to do”

West has been making the rounds the last two summers. He hopped on board with the San Antonio Spurs on a one-year, $1.5 million deal after opting out of $12 million with the Indiana Pacers. This summer, he’s headed to Golden State to make the veteran’s minimum, $1.55 million, and hopefully help the now uber-loaded Warriors win a championship. Ring-chasing at its finest, and spending time with two successful franchises may position him for the next step.

West is a smart, respected player in the NBA and his name being mentioned in front office talks shouldn’t surprise anyone.

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