Dead Cells just launched the Everyone is Here Volume 2 crossover update. This crossover brings in well-love characters from well-known indie games. Keep reading to learn more.

Yesterday, we talked about the teasers that Motion Twin released for the Everyone is Here Update for Dead Cells. With the update's release almost two weeks ago, Motion Twin also explained what exactly each of these characters does. Admittedly, the previous article was based on the short teasers that Motion Twin uploaded.  It's also important to note that, as announced on their official Twitter account, this free update is now available on the console versions of the game. This includes PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

They, however, mentioned that Nintendo Switch players may see some crashes with one of the new weapons, the Diverse Deck, when selecting it in Custom Mode. Motion Twin said that choosing the “Display Stats Item in Addition to their Color” option, as well as using the Cavern Key in Graveyard triggers this crash. Rest assured a patch is on the way.

Now, with that out of the way, let's go more in-depth with what exactly each character does in this Dead Cells Crossover update.


The Guide arrives in Dead Cells this crossover with the Starfury sword. When Starfury hits an enemy, star fragments fall from the sky and hit enemies around you. These stars deal critical damage as well, so your DPS definitely goes up. The downside to this sword, however, is that its swings are relatively slow. You are also a bit static when swinging this weapon. As such, it is important to utilize the dodge roll, so that you don't end up getting hit by your enemy's attacks.

Shovel Knight

In addition to the Shovel already available in Dead Cells, the Shovel Knight crossover introduces the King Scepter. Using the King Scepter on enemies damages them and sends your character into the air. While airborne, you can use the drop attack to deal huge damage to enemies below you. Alternatively, you can also bounce on enemies, launching you up in the air again. Players can then ground point from there, or swing the King Scepter for another airborne launch. Players can theoretically stay in the air for a long period of time using this weapon. Motion Twin, however, mentioned that they made airborne movement with the King Scepter “quite sensitive”. This means players must put time and effort into mastering this weapon.

Hotline Miami

Jacket arrives in Dead Cells with his Baseball Bat and two masks. In a world filled with fantasy blades, magic, and ranged weaponry, how does a Bat compare? Pretty well, actually. Jacket's Baseball Bat deals critical damage to enemies who are stunned. That means stunning enemies behind doors just became more rewarding. The critical damage appears in Hotline Miami-esque VFX, as well as a bloody mess. Fans of the game will immediately recognize these things, and will definitely enjoy it. Also, as the trailer shows, the Bat makes a really nice sound when it hits enemies, so go nuts hitting others with it.

Katana ZERO

Subject Zero can throw things at enemies. Yes, you heard that right, you throw things at your enemies. However, that's not the only thing you can do. Whenever a throwable object hits an opponent, they get stunned. This allows you to get some swings in, or better yet, charge a dash attack. This deals devastating damage and allows players to go through enemies. Players need to be careful, though. You can only have three throwable stuff at a time, so throw responsibly. Killing enemies recharges your stash of throwable objects, however, so you can do that too.

Slay The Spire

The Ironclad's arrival in Dead Cells may confuse people, as Slay The Spire is a card game. This is very much different from Dead Cell's Metroidvania gameplay. However, Motion Twin was able to incorporate Slay The Spire's gameplay into what they call The Diverse Deck. The Diverse Deck is actually four skills in one, with each skill representing one of Slay The Spire's classes. Each skill has a passive, and an active effect. Using the active effect switches you to the next skill in the deck, and so on and so forth. Once the four skills are spent, the Deck cycles back to the first skill, and the loop starts again. The four skills in The Diverse Deck are as follows (in order):

  • Barricade (The Ironclad)
    • Passive: Bonus health, with parries granting more bonus health for a short period of time.
    • Active: All bonus health is removed, and deals damage depending on bonus health amount.
  • Catalyst (The Silent)
    • Passive: Melee attacks apply poison on enemies hit
    • Active: Removes poison stacks from enemies. Afterward deals all the damage they would have gotten from them in one go.
  • Electrodynamics (The Defect)
    • Passive: A lightning orb circles around the player, dealing electric damage on impact. Using skills from other slots add additional orbs.
    • Active: All orbs are destroyed. Afterward, one lightning strike hits a nearby enemy per orb destroyed.
  • Foresight (The Watcher)
    • Passive: Players avoid the first instance of damage every few seconds.
    • Active: Players are immune to all sources of damage for a period of time.

Using The Diverse Deck requires practice, as you constantly change skills. However, mastering this weapon allows you to be flexible, letting you be flexible in the battlefield.

Risk of Rain

The Commando wields the Laser Glaive, something he probably borrowed from the Huntress. This Glaive bounces from enemy to enemy, with its damage increasing with each enemy hit. After hitting multiple enemies, it will also start dealing critical damage. This weapon is very good for large groups of enemies, as the increasing damage can quickly take care of all of them. What's more, you don't even have to aim. As long as you hit one enemy, the weapon will hit the others for you.

To unlock the outfits, players must decipher the riddles found in The Book of Clues found in the Prisoner's Quarters. They must then complete the challenges from the riddles. As for the weapons, various lore rooms are scattered throughout the island. These rooms contain the weapons above, so players must look for them.

Although the Dead Cells Everyone Is Here Volume 2 bundle is no longer available, players can still buy the Dead Cells and DLC bundle, which has a 20% discount. This allows players to experience the Dead Cells update for themselves.