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Dell Curry jumps in Lake Tahoe after losing father-son bet to Stephen Curry

Dell Curry and his son, Golden State Warriors star guard Stephen Curry, have always had a good relationship. During his playing days, he used to bring his son along with him, and now that he is showcasing his skills in the NBA, he is supporting him by watching as much of his games.

With the two being professional athletes, their competitive spirit is understandably high. They even had a father-and-son bet recently while playing at a golf tournament, where the loser needed to jump at Lake Tahoe. The older Curry lost, but took it like a trooper and kept his word.

This is definitely a good sign for their fans as the Curry’s are seen having a good time and enjoying their summer break. Although the exact terms of it are still unknown, it goes to show that Dell is setting a good example to his son about fulfilling an agreement despite it only being a friendly bet.

On a hot and sunny day, the Splash father appeared to have needed a quick dip and he might have really wanted to cool down, as he even fell back to soak himself once again.