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Titans, Derrick Henry, Ryan Tannehill

Derrick Henry, Ryan Tannehill take Titans to unprecedented heights

The Tennessee Titans improved to 5-0 on the season after defeating the AFC South division rival Houston Texans on Sunday, but they needed their best offensive output in franchise history to pull it off. The 42-36 Titans overtime victory was an instant classic, and it saw Tennessee amass over 600 yards from scrimmage to overcome a really poor defensive effort in the second half.

Derrick Henry was a big part of the offensive production on Sunday with over 260 yards on offense, which outpaced several other teams in Week 6. Ryan Tannehill also had a sparkling performance at quarterback, throwing for 364 yards and four scores.

On the daily Locked On Titans Podcast, Tyler Rowland puts in perspective how this was the best offensive performance in the history of the franchise, even dating back to before the football team moved from Houston to Nashville. Truly impressive:

Rowland: Some interesting perspective, the Titans went for 601 offensive yards in this game. It is the most in franchise history, besting a 1991 performance by the Houston Oilers where they went for 583 yards. Yes, 601 offensive yards on Sunday. The most in Titans or Oilers history.

Also, the Titans ran the ball for 263 yards. The Texans ran the ball for 92. That is an incredible disparity in the run game. Derrick Henry had 264 total yards himself. The New York Jets on Sunday playing against the Miami Dolphins had 263 yards. So, Derrick Henry outgained the New York Jets in this game. Absolutely fantastic.